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Bug#669314: NFS: kernel forces trailing slash for export in /proc/self/mounts

On Sun, 2012-09-16 at 03:24 -0700, Chris Hiestand wrote:
> I had a couple friends over today and we made a trivial patch to
> remove trailing slashes. We do not know C and have never created a
> patch for the kernel before, so there is undoubtedly a better way to
> do it. However we hope this helps in your efforts.
> This patch was created from the offending commit (c7f404b40a366). But
> I've also applied it to to Linus Torvalds' master HEAD (3f0c3c8fe30c7)
> with success.

This was my first thought - but what if userland provides a device name
with a slash on the end?  I think we have to report it back with the
slash in that case.


Ben Hutchings
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