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Bug#678797: linux-source-3.2: Feature Request: BTRFS

Stuart Chalmers wrote:

> I'm not sure about specific patches I'm afraid - the most common
> theme on the btrfs mailing list seems to be 'try the latest
> version'.

We'd be happy to be alerted to cases where that solved someone's
problem, so we can ensure the fix is applied to older stable kernels
and all distros benefit from it.

Actually when people report bugs I tend to give the same advice.
Trying the newest version is a good way to make the behavior
understandable instead of having to take into account unmemorable
differences between kernels, and it simplifies finding a fix by quite
a bit when a patch is already available in bleeding-edge kernels.

> The 3.2 version being shipped isn't a big issue for me personally as
> it's working fine just now,

I can't speak for Ben and others on the kernel team, but I get the
feeling we'd prefer to take patches as needed then.

Thanks for your help,

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