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Bug#665881: [wheezy] module ath5k is blocking wlan-card

Hi Jonathan,

sorry for my late answer. I was tired and early in bed yesterday.

Well,  this is what the system is telling me (please do not matter, that this 
example was made with 3.5. But there is no difference to 3.2):

rmmod powernow-k8
Error: Module powernow_k8 is in use

modinfo powernow-k8 | grep depends
depends:        processor,mperf

rmmod mperf
Error: Module mperf is in use by: powernow_k8

rmmod processor
Error: Module processor is in use by: powernow_k8

lsmod | grep freq
cpufreq_conservative    13147  0 
cpufreq_stats          12866  0 
cpufreq_userspace      12576  0 
cpufreq_powersave      12454  0

The last four I could unload, but powernow-k8 still not.


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