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Bug#686821: [squeeze -> wheezy regression] freezes intermittently

Hi Jonathan

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Hi Harry,

Harry McNally wrote:

System freezes (requires reset button to
restart) anywhere from minutes to an hour into use; generally when displaying
video in browser.
I can also run to a freeze,
reboot into the other partition, mount the frozen partition to examine logs.
So far no disk write of logs seems to happen when the freeze locks the system.

Does the caps lock LED blink when the machine is locked up? Can you
get a log when this happens using netconsole[1] or a serial

Sadly no to the LED blink. I cannot get caps lock or num lock to change their LEDs on the keyboard and I can't ssh in remotely. With the keyboard dead, I can't get across to a virtual terminal.

I've not used netconsole or serial console before so I'll give them a go.

The system freeze had all of the characteristics of the radeon driver and LKMS freezes that had been reported which is what sent me down that route playing with radeon issues. The nVidia card swap clarified it wasn't the same bug.

I'd also be interested to hear whether the 3.5.y kernel from
experimental reproduces the same bug. If it does, we can try to get
help from upstream, and if it doesn't, we can try to find what patch
fixed it and apply the same to wheezy.

No worries. I'll drop that kernel onto the amd64 since that is ultimately what I'd like on the machine. Please give me a few days to try the consoles and 3.5 kernel.

Thanks for a clear report, and hope that helps.


[1] http://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/networking/netconsole.txt
[2] http://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/serial-console.txt

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