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Bug#649253: eeepc-wmi does not seem to adjust fan speed, but prevents use of fancontrol

Hi Jonathan, 

> To spell this out for me: if you blacklist eeepc-wmi in
> /etc/modprobe.d, does the fan start to behave correctly, or do you
> also need to tell the kernel to respond TRUE to OSI(Linux) queries
> to mimic the pre-2.6.23 situation?  Please do attach "acpidump"
> output.

Well, with acpi-osi=Linux eeepci-wmi is NOT loaded (no need to blacklist it), 
anbd eeepc-laptop is loaded instead. In this case, pwmcapable kernel-modules 
are loaded, so that pwmconfig will start and is working.

If eeepc-wmi is loaded, and IO start the command pwmconfig, then I get the 
message no pwmcapable hardware found.

I suppose, I already send the exact output before, if needed, I will sed it 

> I'll be happy to write a patch to test that adds a quirk, but first,
> please provide the information listed before ("acpidump" output, and
> behavior without acpi_osi=Linux when eeepc-wmi is not loaded).
Great, I will likely test it. Can you build a kernel-package for it? So it is 
easy for me to install this kernel and deinstall after testing, without 
getting in danger to destroy my system. I need it for work!

> Thanks again for your help,
> Jonathan

I am happy if I can help with my little knowledge.


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