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Bug#683026: [debian-kernel-handbook] deb-pkg builds amd64 image package on i386

On 2012-07-30 00:01, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
Hi Filipus,

Filipus Klutiero wrote:

thank you. This allowed me to install the package.
Glad I could help.

However, I'm not sure this should be a step. Perhaps this should
already be done. Or the package built should be i386; this should be
possible, since my current stock amd64 Linux image is for the i386
Debian architecture.
Those seem like useful things to think about in coming up with
appropriate text that accounts for

  - the default architecture of the package being built being based
    on the utsname ("uname -m") rather than anything more fancy

  - the possibility of overriding that default architecture by tweaking
    the KBUILD_DEBARCH envvar or ARCH makefile variable

  - installing a kernel for a "foreign" architecture being a perfectly
    normal and useful thing, especially in biarch situations
    (s390/s390x, x32/amd64, etc)

Did you mean this to be a private reply?

Oh, I did not - sorry. Thanks

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