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Bug#664767: Brcmsmac driver woes, possible regression?

El 2012-07-28 a las 13:49 -0500, Jonathan Nieder escribió:

> Camaleón wrote:
> > 2012/7/25 Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder@gmail.com>:
> >> Hmm.  What happens if you try all 23 together again?
> >
> > Compiled today with all the patches and it happens that I get the
> > usual reconnects... I'm completely baffled.
> Thanks for the quick feedback.  If you don't authenticate with
> network-manager quickly enough, does gnome-shell still crash?
> Curious,
> Jonathan

Yes, indeed, gnome-shell crashes when I delay too much (~10 minutes 
or so) the password input (in this last log the crash is not present but 
it segfaulted afterwards). That's something I always have found 
curious: when wireless reconnects, I first get one pop-up window (light 
grey colored, old GNOME style) for the password. If I leave it "as is" 
(do not press Accept nor Cancel for a while), I get a second pop-up over
the current one (black window with rounded corners) and if the delay was
noticeable, or even if I click on the Cancel button, gnome-shell 
"waves" (crashes) and the session is automatically restored.

But maybe this is something for a different bug report against N-M :-?



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