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Bug#679882: patches are now available upstream for kernel 3.2.24

A series of 11 patches that fix the June 30 leapsecond issue, by John Stultz, Thomas Gleixner, and Richard Cochran, were committed to the 3.2.24 kernel source on July 17. Can this package be updated to include that version of the kernel - or can those patches be applied here?

Discussion at LKML seems to indicate that all kernels in the 2.6 and 3.x series that do not have these patches or their equivalent backports applied will have this issue.

Here are the relevant patch commits:

commit 0ad70925ab61c308d669d93f02c7bf1974a5158f
commit 7b9a231293995c1211d254a38d60f21980ed5d07
commit ec5806bcd08281a86e05b8e4eaf2f377bc8e5b24
commit d6a2a0400e36bcd2892272995a65b4bca029220f
commit a105e023adf852c9847e1fe7f0bc151ce0339914
commit 8a1ba973a23bd94a4ce34ffa543bf0e0d4ec13ff
commit 3c910e7e46810c73e21196867b7ec63d58a0a45c
commit b19f4db486601885ee4c40665f4e8509ec65b4d5
commit 09e66e8d71833a897a82ec18484b388e729b6548
commit 76117661ce2f9ecf7f969a4aeafd1c74802deae7
commit a57ccabee60519dd90051266c00d038055b93878

--Jeff Lerman

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