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Bug#679519: Suddenly unable to replicate problem (Re: usbhid causes crashes in applications by memory corruption)

The laptop (Samsung NC110) which had this problem no longer has it, for no obvious reason. The kernel is unchanged.

The one difference is that I was trying to boot a Knoppix installation from USB stick to see if it also had the usb problem and when the laptop couldn't see the device, I selected "Set BIOS defaults". This particular BIOS has very few user settings and the only one which was not default was to select AHCI mode for the SATA adaptor. After setting the defaults, I changed that one back.

However, the USBHID problem has now gone away... BUT the iwlwifi is no longer working! (It seems to have exposed a known bug.)

This looks like a BIOS bug of some kind, although I have no idea what can be happening.

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