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Bug#552088: [lenny] ath5k phy1: noise floor calibration timeout

Hi Jonathan,

On 07/14/2012 05:17 PM, Jonathan Nieder wrote:

Dennis Leeuw wrote:

I have a:
[  256.620087] ath5k phy1: Atheros AR5213A chip found (MAC: 0x59, PHY:
[  256.620091] ath5k phy1: RF5112A multiband radio found (0x36)

The module ath5k when inserted during installation of Debian 5 and
during boot does not function properly. The only way to do an install of
Debian 5 with netinstall is to install a base system.

To get the driver working is to:
rmmod ath5k
modprobe ath5k
iwconfig wlan0 rate 2M (both 1M and 2M work)

After this I can manualy further install the system. After a
Debian kernel upgrade the problem is not solved.

dmesg keeps on reporting:
ath5k phy1: noise floor calibration timeout (2437MHz)

Thanks for reporting, and sorry for the long lull.  Do you still have
access to this system?  If so, what kernel are you using these days?

No, sorry I don't anymore. So can't be of help anymore.



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