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Bug#680737: [wheezy] Intel i915: black display after boot


Gedalya wrote:

> I think this is the same problem here.. using an HP dm4t-1200 laptop.
> The backlight is set to zero brightness as soon as the kernel begins to load.
> In my case I can set the brightness higher by simply using the appropriate fn
> key combination, but until then everything looks black.

Thanks for writing.  Your hardware is sufficiently different from
Roland's that I really want this as a separate bug.  We can merge them
later if they turn out to have the same cause.

> ** Tainted: W (512)
>  * Taint on warning.

To save a round trip: when filing that new bug, please include the
portion of your kernel log describing this warning (or full "dmesg"
output from a normal boot, which would be even better) as an

Hope that helps,

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