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Bug#586383: [lenny-backports] Atheros AR242x wireless card relatively minor issues with Linux kernel 2.6.32 in Lenny (ath5k driver)

Deniz Akcal wrote:

> It's alright and yes, I still am using this machine. It uses the 3.2
> Linux kernel that is included in the Wheezy/Testing distribution and
> the problem still exists.

Ok, nice to hear.  (Nice to hear because it means we have a better
chance of fixing it.)

Could you try the 3.4.y kernel from experimental and see if that
produces the same symptoms (it probably will)?  If it does, please
contact linux-wireless@vger.kernel.org to get an explanation of the
symptoms, cc-ing ath5k-devel@lists.ath5k.org and either me or this bug
log so we can track the conversation.  Be sure to mention:

 - exact steps to reproduce (how do you connect, etc), expected
   result, actual result, and how the difference is unexpected
   (something similar to the explanation you gave before should
   work fine for this)

 - which kernel versions you have tested and what happened with

 - a link to http://bugs.debian.org/586383 for context

They should be able to say if this is a bug or an expected
behavior and what it means, and if it is a bug, they should be
able to say what a good next step for investigating in pursuit
of a fix would be.

Thanks for the quick feedback.


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