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Bug#677273: [experimental] zram doesn't work because it's missing zcache

On Tue, 2012-06-12 at 22:53 -0500, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> > Christian Ohm wrote:
> >> [310034.551037] zsmalloc: module license 'unspecified' taints kernel.
> [...]
> >>  * Proprietary module has been loaded.
> >
> > Can you reproduce this without said proprietary module (for example by
> > blacklisting it in /etc/modprobe.d)?
> Oh, hold on a second.  That sounds broken...
>  $ /sbin/modinfo zsmalloc
>  filename:	/lib/modules/3.4-trunk-486/kernel/drivers/staging/zsmalloc/zsmalloc.ko
>  depends:	
>  staging:	Y
>  intree:	Y
>  vermagic:	3.4-trunk-486 mod_unload modversions 486 
> Looks like zsmalloc is missing a lot of basic information, including
> license.  Will contact upstream.

Yeah, if there's no MODULE_LICENSE then a module is assumed to be
proprietary.  The ZSMALLOC symbols are exported with EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL,
so not available to proprietary modules.  So this will currently only
work if you have both built-in!

The zsmalloc module is also lacking MODULE_LICENSE, and has great
comments like:

	 * If this becomes a separate module, register zs_init with
	 * module_init, and remove this block


Ben Hutchings
Computers are not intelligent.	They only think they are.

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