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Uploading linux-2.6 (3.2.19-1)

I'm intending to release Linux 3.2.19 later today.  The complete release
(files uploaded) depends on Greg K-H and probably won't be done until
later in the week, but we don't use pristine tarballs so this doesn't
hold up a Debian upload.  It will include the usual mixture of security
fixes, other important bug fixes and small changes to support more

So I intend to upload linux-2.6 version 3.2.19-1 tomorrow.  This might
require an ABI bump but it is probably avoidable.

The current Debian changes add support for new Blade Engines NICs, CoDel
network queue management, and better integration of the Hyper-V
paravirtualised drivers.


Ben Hutchings
Teamwork is essential - it allows you to blame someone else.

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