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Bug#671200: linux-2.6: Generate leds-modules for Kirkwood Debian installer

* Simon Guinot <simon@sequanux.org> [2012-04-27 01:15]:
> On LaCie boards, the leds-ns2 and leds-netxbig drivers are used to
> configure the LEDs. This drivers are currently not embedded into the
> network-console installer. As a consequence, it is not possible to
> change the LEDs behaviour on LaCie boards when the SSH server is ready.
> Please, consider applying the attached patch.

This patch is not correct:

> --- debian/installer/armel/package-list	(revision 18961)
> +++ debian/installer/armel/package-list	(working copy)
> @@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
>  #
>  Package: kernel-image
>  Provides_iop32x: rtc-modules
> -Provides_kirkwood: rtc-modules, jffs2-modules, zlib-modules
> +Provides_kirkwood: rtc-modules, jffs2-modules, zlib-modules, leds-modules

This says that the LEDs moduleas are built-in, which is not the case.
You have to create
debian/installer/armel/modules/armel-kirkwood/leds-modules with a list
of modules.

I'm also not sure about the name leds-modules... maybe they should just
be added to input-modules or something but I'll leave that to the
kernel/installer team to decide.
Martin Michlmayr

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