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Bug#655387: [PATCH net] cdc_ether: Ignore bogus union descriptor for RNDIS devices

Am Donnerstag, 26. April 2012, 12:55:03 schrieb Bjørn Mork:
> Some RNDIS devices include a bogus CDC Union descriptor pointing
> to non-existing interfaces.  The RNDIS code is already prepared
> to handle devices without a CDC Union descriptor by hardwiring
> the driver to use interfaces 0 and 1, which is correct for the
> devices with the bogus descriptor as well. So we can reuse the
> existing workaround.

Very good, except that this is a bit risky, because we may use
interface 0 without checking that it belongs to us. Could you
add a sanity check that the interface for which probe() is called
is really the control interface in case a workaround is used?


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