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Bug#669052: Bug 669052 : Re: [regression 3.2.12 -> 3.2.14] r8169 driver not automatically loaded (Re: Bug...)

Hello Jonathan,

sorry for my last subject line...I wrote it from my office and I should have think to include at least the bug number in the subject...

modprobe r8169 :

I should have think to do this obvious test ! :-!

It works !
The sequence :

modprobe r8169
ifup eth0

made my server fully functionnal.
Then I added "r8169" to /etc/modules as a workaroud and the server runs fine.

My system is ok now but can we consider the bug as solved ? You will give the answer to the question...
If you need, I will run further tests on my machine.

Thank you for your help


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