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Bug#593795: uswsusp: Hang on Resuming from hibernation with Plymouth

reassign 593795 uswsusp 0.8-1.2
merge 620145 593795
unarchive 585704
tags 585704 =
reassign 585704 uswsusp
merge 620145 585704
affects 593795 + plymouth src:linux-2.6

Tsu Jan wrote:

> Plymouth causes hang on resuming from hibernation with uswsusp (splash = 
> n). When I press Esc just after Plymouth's start, I can even see the 
> message "resume image loaded successfully", but the system locks up.
> Without Plymouth, resuming is OK.

Daniel Baumann wrote:

> problem is not in plymouth, but in the kernel, reassigning.

Pedram Pourang wrote:

> [Subject: Kernel or uswsusp?]

Please keep in mind that these appear as emails in a crowded inbox, so
the subject line can be a good place to put valuable context.

> I uninstalled uswsusp and used the default hibernation mechanism
> with Plymouth successfully.

Thanks for testing.  Reassigning.  Rodolfo et al: if you can come up
with a reproduction recipe for this that doesn't involve uswsusp,
please don't hesitate to reassign back.


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