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Bug#661318: Possibility integrating newer Hyper-V paravirt drivers in squeeze?

Am 02.04.2012 10:55, schrieb Mathieu Simon:
> I attached a list with patches that hopefully arrives on BTS with
It seems it hasn't arrived on BTS, therefore I send it in the mail.
(Sorry for this long message)

- Mathieu

86cbce4 hv: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
da24e90 net/hyperv: Fix the code handling tx busy
adc80ae Tools: hv: Support enumeration from all the pools
db42533 Tools: hv: Fully support the new KVP verbs in the user level daemon
fa3d5b8 Drivers: hv: Support the newly introduced KVP messages in the driver
bb6d5e7 net/hyperv: fix erroneous NETDEV_TX_BUSY use
e485ceac Drivers: hv: Add new message types to enhance KVP
1f5f3a7 net/hyperv: Add support for vlan trunking from guests
ef31bef net/hyperv: Fix data corruption in rndis_filter_receive()
d31b20f net/hyperv: Use the built-in macro KBUILD_MODNAME for this driver
89ae7d7 Staging: hv: storvsc: Move the storage driver out of the staging
14c1bf8 drivers: hv: Increase the number of VCPUs supported in the guest
2640335 drivers: hv: kvp: Cleanup the kernel/user protocol
eab6af7 tools: hv: Use hyperv.h to get the KVP definitions
59a084a drivers: hv: Cleanup the kvp related state in hyperv.h
af9584b Staging: hv: storvsc: Consolidate all the wire protocol definitions
61eaffc Staging: hv: storvsc: Consolidate the request structure
410c52e Staging: hv: storvsc: Get rid of some unused defines
6b2f949 Staging: hv: storvsc: Cleanup some protocol related constants
85904a5 Staging: hv: storvsc: Cleanup the code for generating protocol
c649114 Staging: hv: storvsc: Miscellaneous cleanup of storvsc driver
93a1bf4 Staging: hv: storvsc: Rename the context field in hv_storvsc_request
2707388 Staging: hv: storvsc: Get rid of the on_io_completion in
a8c18c5 Staging: hv: storvsc: Add a comment to explain life-cycle management
ddcbf65 Staging: hv: storvsc: Move and cleanup storvsc_remove()
4b270c8 Staging: hv: storvsc: Cleanup storvsc_host_reset_handler()
1604632 Staging: hv: storvsc: Introduce defines for srb status codes
c77b63b Staging: hv: storvsc: Cleanup storvsc_queuecommand()
59d2295 Staging: hv: storvsc: Cleanup storvsc_probe()
09f0355 Staging: hv: storvsc: Cleanup some comments
bce6080 net/hyperv: Remove the unnecessary memset in rndis_filter_send()
6f4c444 net/hyperv: Correct the assignment in netvsc_recv_callback()
5fccab3 net/hyperv: Convert camel cased variables in rndis_filter.c to
lower cases
2939437 drivers: hv: kvp: Move the contents of hv_kvp.h to hyperv.h
4f03a2c drivers: hv: kvp: Add/cleanup connector defines
c31c151 net/hyperv: Fix the page buffer when an RNDIS message goes
beyond page boundary
0a28253 net/hyperv: Use netif_tx_disable() instead of netif_stop_queue()
when necessary
4b8a8bc net/hyperv: fix the issue that large packets be dropped under bridge
c1c454b HID: hyperv: Properly disconnect the input device
48c3883 net/hyperv: rx_bytes should account the ether header size
2897a56 drivers: hv: Get rid of some unnecessary code
c11bf1c net/hyperv: fix possible memory leak in do_set_multicast()
8f257a1 Drivers:hv: Fix a bug in vmbus_driver_unregister()
4d447c9 net/hyperv: Add support for jumbo frame up to 64KB
f157e78 net/hyperv: Add NETVSP protocol version negotiation
4532634 net/hyperv: Remove unnecessary kmap_atomic in netvsc driver
175cad2 Drivers: hv: Get rid of an unnecessary check in hv.c
93e5bd0 Drivers: hv: Make the vmbus driver unloadable
8b8ee67 Drivers: hv: Fix a memory leak
1d06825 net/hyperv: Fix the stop/wake queue mechanism
# Already included in stable: cf6a2ea drivers: hv: Don't OOPS when you
cannot init vmbus
6e8087a Staging: hv: storvsc: Fix a bug in create_bounce_buffer()
74c4fb0 HID: hv_mouse: Properly add the hid device
0c9d196 Staging: hv: update TODO file
fe17a8c Staging: hv: remove hv_mouse driver as it's now in the hid
directory # needs manual merge of drivers/staging/hv/Kconfig
ce3e301 Staging: hv: storvsc: Implement per device memory pools
10c43dd Staging: hv: storvsc: Fix a bug in copy_from_bounce_buffer()
a768a76 Staging: hv: storvsc: Fix a bug in storvsc_command_completion()
2781866 Staging: hv: storvsc: Cleanup storvsc_device_alloc()
039db52 Staging: hv: storvsc: Disable clustering
d426b2e net/hyperv: Add support for promiscuous mode setting
c181320 net/hyperv: Fix long lines in netvsc.c
f75c051 Staging: hv: mousevsc: Properly add the hid device
95fa040 staging: hv: move hv_netvsc out of staging area
045b168 Staging: hv: mousevsc: Remove the mouse driver from the staging
tree # needs git add to continue
124a6b4 hv: Add Kconfig menu entry
43d4e11 Staging: hv: vmbus: Support building the vmbus driver as part of
the kernel
27b7923 staging: hv: Use kmemdup rather than duplicating its implementation
b401731 Staging: hv: storvsc: Support hot-removing of scsi devices
1267579 Staging: hv: storvsc: Support hot add of scsi disks
2b9525f Staging: hv: storvsc: Upgrade the vmstor protocol version
a404c1f Staging: hv: storvsc: Get rid of an unnecessary forward declaration
fafb0ef Staging: hv: storvsc: use the macro KBUILD_MODNAME
bab445e Staging: hv: storvsc: Use the unlocked version queuecommand
7f33f30 Staging: hv: storvsc: Use the accessor function shost_priv()
a00e822 Staging: hv: storvsc: Fix error handling storvsc_host_reset()
59e00e7 Staging: hv: storvsc: Fixup the error when processing SET_WINDOW
225ce6e Staging: hv: storvsc: Cleanup error handling in the probe function
4e03e69 Staging: hv: storvsc: Use mempools to allocate struct
1c7dac3 Staging: hv: mousevsc: Use the KBUILD_MODNAME macro
2263837 Staging: hv: mousevsc: Add a check to prevent memory corruption
dba8e1a Staging: hv: mousevsc: Address some style issues
f72a1cc Staging: hv: mousevsc: Get rid of unnecessary include files
f50617f Staging: hv: mousevsc: Add a new line to a debug string
3b5632e Staging: hv: mousevsc: Cleanup mousevsc_on_channel_callback()
3232530 Staging: hv: mousevsc: Inline the code for reportdesc_callback()
5cf06b0 Staging: hv: mousevsc: Inline the code for mousevsc_on_device_add()
a1914f5 Staging: hv: mousevsc: Make boolean states boolean
b95f5bc HID: Move the hid-hyperv driver out of staging
0720a06 NLS: improve UTF8 -> UTF16 string conversion routine

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