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Bug#572537: udev spins on drm device

Hi Tony,

Tony Mantler wrote:

> It seems that a few minutes after waking my laptop from sleep I'll often
> notice a sudden jump in system activity. I've traced this back to udev
> looping on the graphics drm device for some reason. Running udevd --debug
> results in the following messages looped over and over:
> [13925] event_queue_insert: seq 189967 queued, 'change' 'drm'
> [13925] udev_monitor_send_device: passed 200 bytes to monitor 0x23d72d0
> [13925] event_queue_delete: seq 189967 done with 0
> Putting the laptop to sleep and then waking it up again "warm" seems to
> clear the problem such that it does not reoccur again until the next time
> I wake the system "cold".

Thanks for a pleasant report.  What kernel are you using these days?
If you try the kernel from squeeze, can you still reproduce this?  (It
should work install without trouble on a wheezy/sid system.)  Would
you be interested in pursuing a fix for this in squeeze (for example
by testing patches)?


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