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Bug#597489: kswapd ownes the whole cpu resources, unable to reboot

Hi again,

Jonathan Nieder wrote:
>> Thomas Poo wrote:

>>> BUG: soft lockup - CPU#11 stuck for 61s! [kswapd1:144]
> [...]
>>> Pid: 144, comm: kswapd1 Not tainted 2.6.32-bpo.5-amd64 #1 PowerEdge R710
>>> RIP: 0010:[<ffffffff810b26cf>]  [<ffffffff810b26cf>] find_get_pages+0x3f/0xbb
> Thanks again for the pointer.  I'd be interested in seeing this fixed in
> squeeze but haven't been able to reproduce it.  Would you be able to
> check the fix?  It works like so:

Do you still have access to hardware that can reproduce this bug, and
if so, would you be interested in pursuing a fix in squeeze?

(A squeeze kernel should work without trouble on a wheezy/sid system,
so this doesn't involve installing any new packages except for the
kernel itself.  The one complication I know of is the nouveau X
driver, as documented in [1].  There is a simple workaround for it
that I can describe if that case applies to you.)

If the answer is "no", that's fine, but please do let us know so we
can plan accordingly.

Thanks for your help,

[1] /usr/share/doc/xserver-xorg-video-nouvea/README.Debian

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