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Bug#664726: add Atheros AR3012 Maryann-PID-VID

# hardware support
severity 664726 important
tags 664726 + patch upstream
forwarded 664726 http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.bluez.kernel/21886

Hi Henry-Nicolas,

Henry-Nicolas Tourneur wrote:

> I'm running an HP Laptop (DM4-2100eb) and it has an internal Bluetooth
> Atheros adapter identified as the USB device 0cf3:311d.
> With the current kernel, this device doesn't appear to be completely
> managed (facing issues to make it work). Googling on the USB it pointed
> me out the following [0] patch to enable the support for that chip.

Thanks.  The patch is part of Gustavo's bluetooth-next tree:

 50da3e6bec04 Bluetooth: Add Atheros maryann PIDVID support, 2012-03-14

It is not marked "Cc: stable@" for some reason.  Do you know if 3.0.x
should get that patch, too, or is it only for 3.2.x?

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