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Bug#584187: [powerpc] windfarm drivers fail to be loaded on boot

reassign 584187 initramfs-tools
severity 584187 important
unarchive 603981
forcemerge 603981 584187

Ben Finney wrote:

> When this host boots, it requires the 'windfarm_pm112' driver loaded,
> otherwise the fans turn on at full speed and don't turn off.
> If I manually run:
>     $ sudo modprobe windfarm_pm112
> the fans immediately cycle down to a normal operating speed and stay
> there.
> This is a regression; for the past several years the fans would be
> controlled properly on boot. It was only when rebooting a few weeks
> ago that this problem became apparent.

See <http://bugs.debian.org/580832>.  Context: <http://bugs.debian.org/401269>

Thanks for a clear report,

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