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Bug#658764: Radeon HD 6310: corrupt output unless firmware-linux-nonfree installed

Ben Finney wrote:

> Is the range of version information enough now to narrow down the source of
> the problem? What can I do to help you get this problem fixed?

Hm.  There are quite a few changes to the radeon driver between
2.6.32-31 and 2.6.38-3.

Summary of information gathered so far:

	card is a Radeon HD 6310 [so PALM (Wrestler)]
	snow covers top half of screen and bottom half is black
	  (in the framebuffer console? when starting X?)
	symptoms go away when firmware-linux-nonfree is installed

Changes near v2.6.38-rc1~419^2~40^2 (drm/radeon/kms: add Ontario APU
ucode loading support, 2010-11-22) might be responsible.  If that is
the cause, then 2.6.37-2 should work --- could you try it?

Since you've checked a recent version (3.2.9), normally the next step
would be to pass the report upstream.  Since this report is about
behavior without the firmware loaded, I do not expect them to be
interested until we have a proposed patch.

Please also attach full "dmesg" output from a boot (working or
non-working is not too important) for reference.

Thanks and sorry for the fuss,

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