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Bug#607114: Unresponsive Xen's dom0 system after 'general protection fault'

Hello Jonathan,
unfortunately I upgraded that server to Squeeze already.
The good news is that on Squeeze I already used xm block-attach many times without any issue. I have one last box with Lenny with some production systems, but cannot test that on this box.

Best regards,
Peter Viskup

On 02/18/2012 02:38 AM, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
Hi Peter,

Peter Viskup wrote:

After execution of xm create command I got messages in attached file.
I got this for second time within one week. Not sure what the root cause is.
Right now all of commands working with networking just hangs. Looks like
it has something to do with 8021q module.
All Xen domU's with NATed networks are reachable.
Sorry for the long silence.  Are these the same machines as

If the problem is still present, please attach kernel messages from
booting (they might be in "dmesg" or might be somewhere in
/var/log/dmesg* if they scrolled away) and a more recent trace.  If it
is no longer present, do you remember when it went away?


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