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Bug#659463: Not work GPU acceleration on AMD Radeon HD6570

Hi again,

Jonathan Nieder wrote:

> there is likely a documentation bug in that you did not know
> why acceleration was disabled and where to look for the missing
> software that would speed things up.  If you can remember where you
> looked expecting answers, that would be very useful so we can add some
> relevant documentation for the next person.

Гаврилов Михаил Витальевич wrote:

>                                                           This is
> unusable for me, and I am not testing other software anymore. I am very
> surprised,

Since this is a bug tracker, and not an advocacy forum, could you
provide the answer to this question?  What documentation did you use
when installing and can you imagine a relevant place that a note about
the need for firmware would be useful?  What documentation did you use
after installation to track down problems e.g. with GNOME Shell and
can you imagine a relevant documentation improvement there?

If you do not have answers to these questions, I'm just going to close
the bug. :/

Still, thanks for writing, and I hope we will not have to go down that


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