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Bug#657802: nfs-kernel-server: NFSv4 kerberos mount stopped working after upgrade to 6.0.4 point release

On 01/31/2012 02:10 PM, Russ Allbery wrote:
> I personally have never used Kerberized NFS (we're an AFS site), so I'm
> not really the one to comment on what enctypes NFS requires.  I don't
> track NFS development at all.  But if NFS is no longer limited to DES,
> it's very likely that it now supports the full range of standard Kerberos
> enctypes, in which case the right thing to do is to just leave off the -e
> flag completely and let the Kerberos infrastructure use whatever its
> default configured enctype list is.

Recent versions of the nfs userland (1.2.5 and up, i think) rely on
getting a report from the kernel about what enctypes the kernel supports.

I think that data is usually reported by the kernel in
/proc/fs/nfsd/supported_krb5_enctypes, where the enctypes are identified
by number, like so:


note that there has been some talk about moving the location of that
file, but i'm not sure whether any decision has been made:



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