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Bug#596528: [squeeze] system freeze with usb 3.0 devices attached

Ben Hutchings wrote:

> Is xhci really stable in 2.6.32.y?  I see there have been a number of
> bug fixes after 2.6.32, but these have not:

Sorry for the long quiet.  My impression is that the answer is "no".
But it might be possible to make it so one bugfix at a time.

Guillaume, would you be interested in pursuing this?  I would suggest
the following method:

 1. First, check if 3.x.y kernels from sid or experimental work well.
    If they don't, we can get help from upstream.  The only packages
    from outside squeeze that should be needed for this test aside
    from the kernel image itself are linux-base and initramfs-tools.

 2. Next, try a test with the patches Ben suggested applied.  I can
    guide you through this.  And if that works, we can look more
    closely and for example try narrowing down which ones are important
    on your system.

 3. If those patches aren't enough, bisect through the kernels
    available at http://snapshot.debian.org/ to find the first one
    that works reliably, and then try applying the relevant patch to

What do you think?

Thanks for writing,

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