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Bug#657812: Connections fail on first attempt

Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk> writes:

> On Sun, 2012-01-29 at 03:50 +0100, JBK wrote:
>> Package: linux-2.6
>> Version: 2.6.32-41
>> Severity: important
>> Tags: squeeze sid upstream
>> I receive a "Unknown host" message on the first connections try with xchat
>> (irc), gnus (nntp+smtp); Iceweasel randomly works the same way.
>> The first time I saw this, was with the 3.1 kernel (from Debian or Fedora)
>> and 3.2 doesn't change that a bit. 2.6.32-39squeeze1 is ok.
> [...]
> Are you claiming that version 2.6.32-39squeeze1 is OK but version
> 2.6.32-41 is broken? 


> Because I don't see any relevant changes there.

What was your first idea? I'm on Centos now (tried every distro) and don't see these issues.

> Ben.

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