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Bug#657497: nfs-common: Exec permission denied

On 01/28/12 15:08, Jakub Krajewski wrote:
What about the server exports?
This is mine:


Packages on the Squeeze server (kernel is custom there, as I said, works like charm with 1.2.5-3 version
of sid's nfs-common package):

ii  nfs-common                         1:1.2.2-4
ii  nfs-kernel-server                  1:1.2.2-4

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Maybe there's a mismatch between the kernel modules and the userspace nfs-kernel-server package.

Did you try the Debian kernel?

Also, who's the owner of the files in the server? root? Also, as what UID are you mounting from the client? Did you try this as root? Could you post output of ls -l from the client?

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