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Bug#606939: [squeeze -> 2.6.36 regression] holes in characters rendered on screen in X

On 26/01/12 09:50, John Hughes wrote:
On 26/01/12 00:05, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
Sorry for the slow reply.  Can you reproduce this with a 3.x.y kernel?
If so, can you take a screenshot so we can see what the corrupted
glyphs look like?
Ok, will do this weekend - currently I'm on 3.3-rc something. Problem still exists.
Here's an example - the "l" glyph has a little hole in it. This is typical of the problem I see.

Linux carbon 3.3.0-rc1+ #4 SMP Sat Jan 21 15:46:40 CET 2012 i686 GNU/Linux

(That's 3.3.0-rc1 from git with my Sony VAIO keyboard patch).

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