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Bug#608858: [lenny -> lenny-backports regression] smbd kernel bug copying large file


Gregg Kniss wrote:

> I have not experienced a single bit of trouble until upgrading to this
> kernel.

Learning that this was a regression is useful; do you remember what
kernel you used before?  (/var/log/dpkg.log* might tell.)

>         I will try writing a large file to other file systems as well, but I
> do know that I can write smaller, 1-300mb, files to other file systems
> without an issue.
> Yes I'm using aacraid. I'm using an Adaptec 2820 card with 4 500gb drives in
> raid 10.
> This is actually the second time it has happened performing the same action.
> Copying a large file from a Windows box via the Samba share.
> I will have to find a spare drive to connect and test.

I'm also curious about whether this has continued to happen again or
you were able to find a fix or reproduction recipe.  What kernel are
you using these days?

Sorry for the long silence.


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