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Bug#607347: kernel fails to boot, others work fine


Robin Lee Powell wrote:

> OK, grub2, can't boot with squeeze's 2.6 amd64.  This machine is on
> openhosting.com, which significantly limits my ability to get
> screenshots, but I'll try to attach one in my next message.
> http://teddyb.org/~rlpowell/public_media/kernel_bug.PNG

Seems to be down.

> Earlier it was stopping exactly at the "SCSI subsystem initiated"
> line.  I *think* the new lines got added after I reinstalled
> linux-image-2.6.32-5-amd64 , but I'm not sure.

Could be related to the hdx -> sdx renaming in lenny->squeeze
upgrades.  Did you ever get this machine working?

Sorry for the late reply.


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