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Bug#656433: [3.1.5 -> 3.1.6 regression] Thinkpad X220 fails to wake up after hibernate-ram


Am 19.01.2012 11:52, schrieb Jonathan Nieder:
> 2. Make sure you can reproduce the bug with v3.1.6.

I'm quite surprised I fail here. Independent of whether I install the
selfmade 3.1.6 or the version from the debian mirror.

I went through the things I changed on my system since the last
occurrence of the bug:

* 3.1.6 (bug present)
* downgrade to 3.1.5 (bug gone)
* bugreport
* meanwhile: I find openafs is not working (probably some months
already). Hasn't been rebuilt with any 3.1.* kernel
* I reinstall openafs, afs working.
* I find time to bisect. upgrade to 3.1.6 (no bug)

so my best naive guess is that the 3.1.6 has problems waking up if the
openafs module is in a broken state?


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