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Bug#656813: cfg80211: failed to add phy80211 symlink to netdev!

On 22/01/2012 02:12, Ben Hutchings wrote:
Can you test whether the attache patch fixes this (and doesn't cause any
new problems)?  Instructions for rebuilding the kernel package are at:

Looking inside your patch i've learned it's related to wifi. That could explain why i haven't seen any problem so far, because i use this laptop always with a cabled ethernet.

This is a problem to test your patch, because i have no wireless network at hand. The other problem is the current lack of time: i hope i can find some time to learn how to build kernels nowadays, then doing it on my old hardware, but i cannot guarantee. It would be really really helpful and time saving if you could provide me a patched .deb kernel. In that case i'll do my best to find a temporary access point to test.

Thank you as usual, Ben.


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