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Bug#656668: 3.2 has different /sys/class/power

severity 656668 minor

(haven't actually gotten your mail yet, it's stuck due to greylisting; I'm writing this based on what I see in website).

Actually, this is not the correct bug.

My laptop lost complete power. The battery was fully drained. I plugged in it, booted it up, and there was *no* BAT0 in that folder.

After some amount of charging, I rebooted back into 3.1, and there was the BAT0, but no ADP1.

Rebooted back into 3.2, and there was both ADP1 and BAT0.

So, the bug here is that when the battery has 0% charge, linux isn't adding it to the list. Sounds like a null vs. 0 type simple logic error.

Additionally, linux only appears to enumerate batteries at system boot. What would happen if a battery was added/removed later on?

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