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Bug#641749: ath3k_load_firmware: Can't change to loading configuration err

There's only silence in the linux-kernel and linux-bluetooth mailing lists...

At this point there is only one thing I haven't tried because I can't
at the moment.

One of the differences between Wheezy and Squeeze in terms of, say the
3.1.x, kernel is that in Squeeze I compile it with gcc 4.4.5, but in
wheezy this is done with gcc 4.6.x. Could there be a problem here? I
don't have access to any machine with gcc 4.6.x nor wheezy, so I can't
test this... somehow I doubt the wheezy live-usb image will allow me
to do this... but I'll look around and see if it's possible.

AFAIK this is the only thing left to test.


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