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Bug#520622: Wifi does not work (AR242x)

Quoting "Jonathan Nieder" <jrnieder@gmail.com>:
More than 12
hours later, ENOSPC.


ath5k.ko for 686 and 686-bigmem kernels attached.

OK, I tested, but (un)fortunately, I cannot reproduce
the error anymore (linux-image-2.6.32-5-686, version
2.6.32-39squeeze1). So I didn't even try with your

Looking at the changelog, I can see only one change
related to ath5k between 2010-02, when I last saw the
problem and now (maximilian attems: ath5k: fix setup
for CAB queue), which does not seem to be related to
this bug at all.

Good: Our stable kernel already works well.
Bad: Your machine worked 12 hours for nothing.
Ugly: We don't know which change did fix the bug.

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