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Re: [Fwd: Latest kernel stable/longterm status]

Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk> schrieb:
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> We need to make a decision soon on whether we will use Linux 3.2 for
> wheezy or wait for a later release.  Whichever one we choose, we need to
> make sure someone (possibly one of us) maintains a longterm branch for
> it.  I am strongly disinclined to choose a version that puts us on our
> own, and therefore I would prefer to use Linux 3.2 along with Ubuntu.

What's Ubuntu's policy on backporting drivers?

If it's a common tree for Ubuntu and Debian we could keep 
stable bugfixes plus drivers backports in a common tree
instead of the model in Squeeze, where backported drivers
were added on top of 2.6.32.


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