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Bug#656196: kernel stalls every few days (rcu_sched_state detected stall on CPU x)


Michael Below wrote:

> since a few versions back (2.6.36?), the kernel quite regularly reports
> a stall on one of it's CPUs. Usually this seems to happen if the system is
> idle. When i read about the IGMP bug being fixed, I hoped this
> would solve it, but today it happened again. I am pasting the
> syslog below.
> I am aware that my kernel is marked as "tainted" because of the
> virtualbox drivers. If you think it might help, I am glad to
> remove those and report back.

Yes, please.

Does /var/log/dpkg.log* give any hints as to when this problem first
appeared?  If no obvious explanation jumps out, I'd recommend trying
some kernels from snapshot.debian.org to find which version introduced
the bug.

Looks usb-related.  Does unloading the ohci_hcd module avoid trouble?

> Jan 17 13:13:38 ossietzky kernel: [11333.261825] INFO:
> rcu_sched_state detected stall on CPU 3 (t=34032 jiffies)

These lines are line-wrapped, which makes them hard to read.  Please
use an attachment next time.

Thanks much, and hope that helps,

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