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Re: Re: Need multiarch aware linux-libc-dev when using 'make deb-pkg'

>On Sat, 2011-09-24 at 18:20 -0700, David Witbrodt wrote:
>> I just upgraded to gcc-multilib 4.6.1-3 and found that APT
>> blew away /usr/include/asm without warning.  This directory
>> belongs to my locally-built 'linux-libc-dev' which is produced
>> using upstream kernel sources and 'make deb-pkg'.
>> I do local builds for testing upstream kernel commits relevant
>> to my Radeon GPU, and I typically run custom 'linux-image-*'
>> and 'linux-libc-dev' packages on an otherwise totally-Debian
>> system.  I also keep at least one Debian kernel installed in
>> case of extreme breakage/personal-stupidity.  As a workaround,
>> I have been able to install the multiarch-aware 3.0.0-4 version
>> of 'linux-libc-dev'; now I can successfully build xorg-server
>> locally without '/usr/include/asm/socket.h' missing.
>> Is this a bug in the upstream sources?  Does the Debian Kernel
>> Team maintain the "deb-pkg" target upstream?
>Not officially, but Max has done quite a bit of work on it.
>> If so, has the
>> Kernel Team provided a patch for multiarch-aware 'linux-libc-dev',
>> or does it have plans to do so?
>> If such a patch exists, could you direct me toward it so I can
>> give it a try?
>I'm not sure how we should do this, because 'make deb-pkg' should
>produce packages that are compatible with older versions of Debian.

Over the break I took a look at this situation again. I have created a patch that meets my own needs (produces a multiarch-aware linux-libc-dev package using upstream kernel source), but in its current form it would not be appropriate. With a little work, I think I could create a patch that is of general use, though.

First, would one (or more) of the Debian Kernel Team be willing to help with this, or should I take this to LKML instead. I've come here first out of favoritism to Debian -- the only GNU/Linux I use on my machines -- but the problem I am trying to solve is not truly a Debian problem.

If so, should I open a bug report to facilitate tracking this? (Against what package?) Or should I just communicate via debian-kernel@l.d.o?

If not, can you recommend someone upstream who is responsible for the "deb-pkg" infrastructure?

Dave W.

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