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Bug#609994: sky2: hw csum failure

found 609994 linux-2.6/3.2~rc4-1~experimental.1

(-cc: upstream)
Hi Vincent,

Vincent Blut wrote:

> This isn't really a hardware checksum failure.
> Your problem is deeper than that. The internal parts of the chip are not
> communicating correctly. The "hung mac" is a problem only occurs if the PCI
> is really stuck.

You wrote before that v3.2-rc3 didn't work, so in order not to forget, I'm
marking 3.2-rc4 as affected.

Do you know anyone with the same hardware or with an operating system that
uses a different driver, that could help to rule out a hardware problem?

If it is a hardware problem but a common one, it could still be worth working
around (and of course if it is not a hardware problem, upstream might be more
likely to give advice).  Otherwise, your best bet might be to keep working
around it locally.

Sorry for the trouble,

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