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Bug#642911: TX watchdog timeout on RTL8168B

Hi Gerd,

booster@wolke7.net wrote:

> All the squeeze kernels cause the same hang during high load at the network.
> Today I installed the 3.1 kernel and did some testing by copying files
> with samba.
> The problem still exists and is even worse: Now the CPU hangs during the
> interrupts:

Something very similar to the fix you tested plus a couple more r8169
fixes were applied upstream:

 - v3.2-rc5~38^2~5 (r8169: Rx FIFO overflow fixes, 2011-12-04), which
   is the fix you helped with
 - v3.2-rc5~38^2~4 (r8169: fix Rx index race between FIFO overflow
   recovery and NAPI handler, 2011-12-04)
 - v3.2-rc7~12^2~8 (r8169: fix Config2 MSIEnable bit setting,

Am I correct in guessing that v3.2-rc7 from experimental works ok?

I'd like to see this fixed in the upstream 3.0.y longterm branch,
since it should make it easier to share work on maintaining 3.2.y.  It
would also be useful to fix this in squeeze; conveniently enough, the
current r8169 driver in squeeze is based on the version in v3.0.2.

If you have time for it, please test the fix on top of the 3.0.y
branch.  It works like this:

 1. If you still have a clone of Linus's kernel repository:

	# enter it
	cd linux

	# grab the stable and longterm branches on top
	git remote add -f stable \


	# grab a copy of the stable and longterm branches
	git clone -o stable \
	 git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/stable/linux-stable.git \

	# enter it
	cd linux

 2. git checkout -f stable/linux-3.0.y
    git am -3 $HOME/downloads/0001-r8169-Rx-FIFO-overflow-fixes.patch

    make localmodconfig; # minimal configuration
    # or:
    make silentoldconfig; # reuse configuration

    make deb-pkg; # pass -j<number of processors> for parallel build
    dpkg -i ../<name of package>

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Thanks again for your work on this.


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