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Bug#366507: Pcmcia cardbus disabled

retitle 366507 [ToPIC97] trouble routing CSC IRQs and card IRQs to ISA IRQ (pcmcia cardbus disabled)

Thomas Nemeth wrote:
> Jonathan Nieder wrote:

>> I wonder if v2.6.34-rc2~30^2~2 (pcmcia: re-route Cardbus IRQ to ISA on
>> ti1130 bridges if necessary, 2010-03-06) improved things.  Thomas,
>> would you be able to try a more recent kernel?
>     I'll try ASAP.

Now that bugzilla is back up, we can see that no, it did not improve

| From Dominik Brodowski
|  test patch to use ISA IRQs also for CardBus
|  That's bad news -- both sockets are configured the same way. So they _should_
|  behave the same way, and work... Well, could you remove the IRQ=11 forced
|  setting, try out the attached patch (both sockets), and send the dmesg (even if
|  it works)? cbdump or other is not needed.
| From Thomas Nemeth
|  Boot messages for 2.6.34-rc2 with applied patch
|  No slot worked :(

There was a workaround.  Changing the righthand side of

	socket->cb_irq = dev->irq;

to 11 in yenta_probe() caused the card to be recognized.  Putting it slot 0
afterwards even made it work as a network card.

Unfortunately there is no DMI info to apply this workaround automatically.

Dominik's conclusion:

| The problem isn't detecting the IRQ -- we can use ISA IRQ 3 (as 2.2.xx did) or
| ISA IRQ 9 and 10 (as the patch in comment #86 did).
| The problem is setting up the bridge so that it routes CSC (card status change)
| IRQs for CardBus and 16bit cards to the ISA IRQ and also card IRQs for CardBus
| and 16bit cards to the ISA IRQ. This seems to be impossible on the ToPIC97.
| However, 2.2. seems to do some "polling" to get the IRQs right. I.e., it isn't
| really using the IRQs, but polls whether an IRQ occured. That seems necessary
| at least or the CSC interrupt.
Results from a newer kernel would still be interesting, but I'm not
optimistic about the possibility of there being a fix already upstream
any more.

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