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Bug#655377: [?? -> 3.1.6 regression] Kernel panic when turning off screen backlight using laptop Fn key

retitle 655377 [ideapad_laptop] NULL pointer dereference turning off backlight with fn key
# regression
severity 655377 important
tags 655377 + upstream fixed-upstream
reassign 655377 src:linux-2.6 3.1.6-1


Artem X wrote:

> Hello, there's patch available to fix the kernel panic when 'turning
> off screen backlight'
> which me and other people experienced (on various distros including
> debian testing on lenovo).

Might be fixed by v3.2-rc1~111^2~22 (ideapad: Check if acpi already
handle backlight power to avoid a page fault, 2011-10-23).  Could you
try a 3.2.y release candidate from experimental to check?


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