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Bug#590582: abot vortex problem


No..., I'm not tried 3.x kernel from sid or experimental becuase problem considers my home router/server which is need 24h/day...

But I could try for example backported patched a module driver 3c95x for my 2.6.32 current debian squeeze version. For me it will be safe solution which I can easily revert. As I wrote before problem is easy to reproduce if you try copying (through scp, wire connection or wireless connection where access point is connected to 3c95x port) a file from one PC to server which contains 3c95x network card. After copying for example 200/600MB/1GB (its not a constant amount) copying stalled and network interface on destination doesn't responding (ping,telnet....)

I hope it helps a little,

Karol Szkudlarek

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