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Bug#652737: linux-image-2.6.32-5-686: ethernet device eth0 (module atl1c) fails. After module reload device is not present any more.

Am Donnerstag 29 Dezember 2011 01:51:49 schrieb Ben Hutchings:
> It sounds as if the network controller has switched from MSI to 'legacy'
> interrupt mode.  The log shows that it was assigned legacy IRQ 19
> (shared with USB) but then switched to MSI IRQ 29.  But I don't
> understand why that would happen.
> It's probably irrelevant, but can you try removing 'acpi_osi=Linux' from
> the kernel command line?

Same issue without that option. If not set some function keys like them for 
turning up and down the sound don't work and display brightness is wrong.
> Also, can you test Linux 3.1 from the testing or unstable distribution?
> You will need to upgrade initramfs-tools and linux-base, but nothing
> else.

Can you tell me how to do that? I never used testing before, and especially 
not partial.


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