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Bug#644174: ACPI I/O resource conflicts with ACPI region SMBI

Quick side question:

Sarah Sharp wrote:

> Yeah, don't try to blacklist xhci-hcd.  It's not useful.

How else do you suggest that people figure out whether symptoms are
produced by the xhci-hcd driver or something else?  However, I agree
that it's not useful _any more_, since Mathieu tried that test

> The log messages seem to indicate that it's either an ACPI or a BIOS
> issue.  I really can't suggest any other tests without some input from
> the ACPI folks.  The best solution I can suggest is not boot with a USB
> device plugged into your USB 3.0 port.

Hm.  Mathieu, is it possible to suspend-to-disk ("echo disk >/sys/power/state")
and resume with a USB device plugged into the USB 3.0 port?

Please also attach output from "acpidump" after a successful boot.

Can you reproduce this when booting in recovery mode with
i915.modeset=0 appended to the kernel command line?


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