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Re: [PATCH] aufs: Do not refer to AUFS_NAME in pr_fmt

sfjro@users.sourceforge.net dixit:

>This is the last version of my approach (documentations are omitted).

This doesn’t really differ from what I sent last,
does it?

>Would you try on your m68k when you have time?

You _are_ aware that a kernel compile takes over a day, right?
Why don’t you use the patch from:

>+# sparse requires the full pathname
>+ccflags-y += -include ${srctree}/include/linux/aufs_name.h

If that is so, (whatever sparse is – the build succeeded with
my patch), change this in my patch too.

>+#ifdef __KERNEL__

Hrm. Is this needed?

>+#define pr_fmt(fmt)	AUFS_NAME " %s:%d:%s[%d]: " fmt,\
>+		__func__, __LINE__, current->comm, current->pid

You need to #undef it first. It’s always defined, to just fmt.

>+#include <linux/aufs_name.h>

You include aufs_name.h twice now, once in the Makefile,
once in the header. Shouldn’t one be enough?

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