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Bug#653913: partial workaround

under /dev/snd/ - pcmC1D0p is a workin interfaceg for ATI R6xx HDMI, but apps look for pcmC0D0p, I can ln it, which works for speaker output, but not headphones, mic etc. 

here is the output of ln /dev/snd/

bcontrolC1  hwC1D0    pcmC0D3p  pcmC1D0p  timer
controlC0  hwC0D0    pcmC1D0c  seq

under alsamixer, there are two devices: 0 HD-Audio generic 1: HDA AT SB. If I ln /dev/snd/pcmC1D0p /dev/pcmC0D0p - then pcm appears under HD-Audio Generic and applications can use that channel. Is ?there a way to configure this properly?


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